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Dirt Pans

The Dirt Pans are by far our most widely used accessory. Their design has evolved over the years taking into consideration such things as durability, load capacity and most of all efficiency. Our Dirt Pans are fabricated with the durability to endure the constant daily loading, unloading and dumping required for transporting and storing the dirt from gravesite digs. They are custom made of heavy gauge steel to fit the contour of the Mini-Haul II machine and the Mini-Haul C machine. We intentionally designed them with no moving parts, such as tailgates, to minimize the need to fix broken parts and reduce the risk of personal injury to employees.

The load capacity of our Dirt Pans depends on the machine chosen for the specific needs of our cemetery customers. The Mini-Haul II machine accepts the larger pans which have a load capacity of approximately 3 1/2 yards or 7,000 lbs. The Mini-Haul C machine accepts the more compact pans which have a load capacity of approximately 2 yards or 4,000 lbs.

The efficiency of our machines to use our Dirt Pans is in the design. The stationary lift pins on each side allows the operator to quickly and easily load and unload. Their shape is contoured to the shape of our machines for a smooth, stable and safe ride during transport. They are flat on the bottom to rest safely on flat ground and flared on the top for easier filling and dumping. Also, as they are raised up in the dump position, they can be used to spread the dirt as it is being dumped directly back into the gravesite. The design of our Dirt Pans allows our machines to load, unload, fill, store, dump and spread dirt efficiently.

That efficiency will eliminate the need for a skid steer to reload dirt at the drop site, it eliminates the need for a backhoe to backfill and will keep a clean and dirt free gravesite for the set-up of the services. It will also drastically reduce the costs of that equipment which would normally be incurred with other gravesite dig systems. Our Dirt Pans are designed and fabricated for our machines to support the time and labor cost savings to our customers of our "Mini-Haul System".

Flat Bed

The Flat Bed is an accessory with a multi-purpose design. Fabricated with heavy gauge steel, they are custom made and sized to fit according to the Mini-Haul machine they are meant to be implemented with. The surface of the flat bed is made of tread plate to give a somewhat non-skid surface (tie down straps should always be used when moving the machine or transporting materials). Stake pockets align the sides of the Flat Bed to give our customers the option to install custom rails for hauling more upright materials.

The storage compartment designed into our Flat Bed can be used for hauling tools or supplies from the maintenance building to a specific job site on the grounds. The door of the compartment is made to open either on the ground or while it is still loaded on a machine. It is also made to allow access to the entire storage compartment and comes with a locking latch to be able to store and lock valuable tools and supplies.

Removable, adjustable shelves can be used inside the storage compartment to utilize space for hauling tools and supplies. The Flat Bed has the same stationary lifting pins that are standard on all of our accessories to quickly load and unload from our machines. Our Flat Beds are designed and fabricated for our machines to support the time and labor cost savings to our customers of our "Mini-Haul System".


Water Tank

The water tank accessory was designed for general use. The frame is fabricated of heavy gauge steel and is contoured to fit the tank and our Mini-Haul machines. The tank itself is a 250 gallon durable plastic tank. It has a removable lid for easy filling and has a ball valve at the bottom for turning the water on and off. The accessory can be fitted with high or low pressure pumps, hose reels, spray booms or simple gravity fed watering. The water tank has the same stationary lift pins as our other accessories for quick and easy loading and unloading.

Winch / Vault Handler

The winch/ vault handler is another of our multi-purpose accessories. It is a mounted to the frame with the ability to pull horizontally or vertically. The winch/ vault handler will not interfere with loading or unloading any of our other accessories. It can be used to lift or transport a vault, pull out a piece of equipment that is stuck in the mud or tow equiipment back to the maintenance building.

We use only hydraulic industrial grade winches and depending on their use, we can install 8,000-10,000-12,000 lb line pulls. They come standard with a positive locking clutch to keep the winch from jumping out of gear and losing a load. This is very important when lifting or transporting a vault. The winch/ vault handler is an accessory that is often overlooked when not needed, but it is a real time saver when it is.

Accessories in design...

  • Leaf vac

  • Snow Plow

Many accessories can be designed to attatch to the front or rear of mini-haul machines.


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