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Mini - Haul, Inc

Welcome to Mini-Haul Inc., developer of the "Mini-Haul System" and designer of Mini-Haul machines and accessories. After decades of development and design, Mini-Haul, Inc. has created the "Mini-Haul System." This system allows for the systematic movement of dirt pans and accessories within a cemetery and utilizes our machines and accessories to support that system.

The Mini-Haul machines were originally designed in the 1970’s. The sole purpose of these machines at that time was to transport dirt excavated from a gravesite dig. Mini-Haul, Inc. has taken the design of these older machines and transformed that design into the new and improved machines and accessories that we offer our customers today.

Mini-Haul Inc., as we have in the past, continues to develop and design our machines and accessories with the specific needs of our customers in mind. Let us show you the time and labor cost saving advantages of using our machines and accessories by implementing our "Mini-Haul System".

"In my 38 years of experience working at the Catholic cemeteries, I have never seen a system that is more labor (cost) saving, efficient and respectful to the grounds than the Mini-Haul system." Tom Kuehner, General Foreman and Superintendent of the Catholic cemeteries of St. Louis, MO

"Since implementing the Mini-Haul System our interment crew has become more efficient. This system has enabled us to adjust our process by eliminating equipment and freeing up manpower needed in other areas." Chuck Boche, Superintendent/Park Operations Green Hills Memorial

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