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The Mini - Haul System

The Mini-Haul System is a time and labor-cost saving system that can be implemented by our cemetery customers using the machines and accessories developed and manufactured by Mini-Haul, Inc. The system was developed as an efficient and safer alternative to other systems and allows for the systematic movement of dirt pans and accessories within the cemetery grounds.
The efficiency of the system allows for dirt pans to be filled, transported and dumped without the need for time consuming and costly shoveling and clean up normally required with other types of gravesite digs.

The system also allows for empty dirt pans to be in place before the backhoe and operator arrive at the site. All of the dirt from the dig can be loaded from the backhoe bucket directly into the dirt pans which will keep the burial site clean and free of loose dirt. These dirt pans can then be taken indoors to keep the dirt out of inclement weather, or to the closest designated drop site, to ensure a respectful ceremony. The dirt will remain in the dirt pans until it is ready to be transported back to the gravesite, thus eliminating the need for the dirt to be reloaded by another machine at the drop site. Also, the ability of these machines to dump dirt directly into the gravesite eliminates the need for the backhoe to backfill once the service has concluded, significantly shortening the length of time and money spent on backhoe services.

The safety of employees, time and labor costs and preservation of the cemetery grounds were other critical factors considered while developing this system. By eliminating the heavy lifting associated with digging and grading, the chances of personal injury to employees is minimized. Also, the speed and efficiency of our machines to transport dirt pans or load and unload accessories drastically decreases time and labor costs. And finally, with the high flotation tires on our machines and the articulated power steering, the damage to the cemetery grounds is limited when weather conditions are less than ideal for a gravesite dig.
Let Mini-Haul, Inc. show you the time and labor-cost saving advantages of implementing our system, “The Mini-Haul System”.

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